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My Story

Hi! I’m Taryn Gibson, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). 
I have a background in science and veterinary technology, and I am the founder and director of a successful non-profit animal rescue, Day Before the Rainbow. I was motivated to become an IBCLC after an initially difficult breastfeeding relationship with my fifth child.
Though a drastic career change, I realized there is no better time than now!
I believe in living life one day at a time, and not worrying about what “may” or “may not” happen in the days to come. I am super down to earth, which helps new and first-time mothers feel at ease, as I help to alleviate their worries about feeding and parenthood in general. I take a special interest in helping young families navigate breastfeeding.
I am qualified to help families learn to breastfeed, to assess oral function of both breast- and bottle-fed babies, and to provide referrals when necessary for frenectomies (tongue tie release). I also counsel parents in more holistic and intuitive ways to raise their children.
I completed Tethered Oral Tissues specialty training (TOTS) in 2019, and I plan to continue my education, specializing in complex feeding issues. I live in Taylors with my husband, our 6 children and four dogs.

“After a traumatic birth, Taryn really helped me find my footing breastfeeding my son. She identified his ties and referred us to a pediatric dentist and helped build my confidence that I could do this and breastfeed successfully. I just made it to a year breastfeeding which I never could have done without her support and direction early on!”

“Taryn helped my daughter and I through so many obstacles and feel so comfortable while doing it. After a lip tie, tongue tie, jaundice, weight loss, clogged ducts… we finally got it together. Taryn is so down to earth and relaxed, I couldn’t imagine going through all of this without her. Now my daughter is 3 months old and still nursing and I’m pumping enough for her at daycare. Everything finally came together for us. I cannot recommend her enough!”

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