CLEVER BABY provides the following services:

  • Holistic Lactation Support
  • Oral Function Assessment & Evaluation of TOTS (tethered oral tissues/tongue tie)
  • Feeding Plan (including breastfeeding, bottle feeding, & pumping)
  • Intuitive, Natural Parenting Consults & Support
  • Offering Home & Office Visits

Holistic Lactation Support

Clever baby offers prenatal consults and postpartum feeding/lactation consults. 

Our prenatal consults are generally done between 32 and 38 weeks. During a prenatal consult, we assess your medical history as well as any prior breastfeeding experience. This visit will last 1.5- 2 hours. We include discussion of several different topics including what supplies you may need; how your birth experience impacts breastfeeding; what is normal and expected after birth, and what is not normal (and when you need to call us after birth for help); sizing you for pump flanges; and answering any other questions you may have. 

Our postpartum consults last between 1.5-2 hours, and we offer home visits during the first few weeks after you give birth. We also can see you in our office in Spartanburg. If you are experiencing difficulty breastfeeding immediately after delivery, we can usually fit you in quickly! We will take a detailed history of your pregnancy and birth. We will observe a feeding and assess how much milk your baby is transferring using our special scale (accurate to 2 grams!). We will perform an oral function evaluation of baby and assess any structural issues. If you have any trauma, we will assess that and offer solutions as well. We will come up with a plan for you to help you meet your goals, no matter what they may be. Included in the consult fee is support via our messaging portal or email until the issues you are having are resolved. Referrals may be made for body work or to a provider for tongue tie release. 

What to expect at a home visit: 

We will bring our necessary equipment with us (including our scale). 

You will decide which room we will be in—pick the room where you feed the baby most often. We want to see you in your natural habitat 😊 don’t worry about cleaning up or making your family leave the house. We don’t mind pets, either! If they are a bit protective of you or the baby, it would be amazing if they were confined to another area while we are there with you. 

If you need help with pumping, please have your pump handy. 

It’s easiest if your baby is hungry, but not frantic. Feel free to feed your baby a small amount prior to our session. 

What to expect at an office visit: 

Our office is super cozy, with comfy seating for you to feed your baby. We want you to feel welcomed.

Please bring your pump, bottles and supplemental milk if you are pumping or bottle feeding.

It’s best if your baby is hungry but not frantic! It is absolutely fine to feed your baby a small amount to hold him over. 

Feel free to bring a list of questions, a support person (or two!), and any other items you use to help you to feed your baby.  We don’t mind older children, but you may want to bring an activity or a snack to keep them occupied so we can talk. 

Our follow up consults last about 1 hour. We will discuss any previous concerns and offer solutions to continue improvement. We will observe a feeding and do pre- and post- feeding weights in order to track how much milk baby is taking during a feeding. We will check healing after a tongue tie release, and provide oral motor exercises to help improve tongue function. You will receive another plan to help you attain your goals. 

What happens during a feeding/lactation consult?

  Our room will be sanitized using plant based or hydrogen peroxide based cleaners. All of our linens are washed in plant-based, scent free, more natural detergents. 

We will wash our hands before touching your or your baby. We will always ask for permission to touch you or your baby. 

We will take a brief history and go over your forms that you filled out prior to your visit, to make sure we have a complete understanding of your situation, and any concerns you may have. 

Your baby will need to be in a dry diaper, and we will weigh your baby. 

We will observe a feeding (we want you to feed your baby as you normally do) and weigh your baby after the feeding. 

We will assess your breasts and nipples both before and after a feeding. 

After your baby finishes feeding, we will evaluate baby’s oral motor function, and take any needed pictures of baby’s mouth. 

After the visit, you will get a feeding plan via the messaging portal. This plan will include any of our recommendations, oral function evaluation results, and any pictures taken during the visit. 

Are you interested in holistic, intuitive parenting? Send us a message and we would be happy to discuss that with you! We offer in-office visits to parents interested in a consult. 

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